Because It Is My Blood

by Gabrielle Zevin


Genre: Science Fiction/ Dystopian Series: Birthright 2/3?

Notes: illegal actions, interesting circumstances, deaths, shootings, weaponry, attempted assassinations, humor, confusing love/relationships, female lead, humorous storytelling, fast-paced

My Rating: 10//10

Deduction: DEFINITELY read this 2nd installment from one of my favorite authors, Gabrielle Zevin! I chose to read All These Things I’ve Done after seeing it was written by her (I read Elsewhere and teared up a bit, actually. That’s the only book that has ever made me do that). Also, the whole fact that chocolate and caffeine are illegal would absolutely kill a lot of people in America today. Unfortunately, book 1 wasn’t what I expected it to be. There really was no focus or explanation on why chocolate or caffeine were banned, so it didn’t really feel like the story was real. Anya was a good narrator (as she still is in the 2nd book), but the story didn’t really make me want to keep reading.

Because It Is My Blood, however, is impossible to put down! It digs a little deeper into Anya’s past and actually deals more with the chocolate industry and why Anya is forever a part of something contraband. She continues weaving her own tale and throws in enough spunk and personality to intensify the happenings. I like her mature attitude and the way the narrations occasionally break down the fourth wall and talk to the reader. It’s hard to come by an intelligible main female in this world of books centered around finding the “perfect guy for prom” or “dealing with bullies-” Anya has boyfriend issues also which are thrown into her crazy, girl-power story for some extra tinder to the fire that is her life, but in the end, all is resolved quite well.

If you like this genre try: Divergentseries by Veronica Roth

BTW… the covers of these books really annoy me. They have nothing to do with the story. That girl doesn’t even look like Anya. Anya had long hair in the first book! In the second, she chops it off herself. She isn’t some sort of professional stylist! Geez. She is not a vampire.